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Webinar | Nov 3 @ 9:30am PT

2024 Short-Form Video Updates + Trends

2024 is just around the corner. What's in your plan?

Top social and video platforms have already announced major changes and opportunities for short-form video in the year ahead. This fast-paced session will arm you with the must-knows to make the most of short-form video in 2024.


Block 30 minutes, grab a coffee, and join us for a crash course in format updates, trends, and tools. (Your 2024 Plan will thank you for it!)

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Get to Know Canvas+Co

Charlene Tassinari and Carly Potock have been building teams and businesses together since 2015.

Their partnership started at YouTube, where they founded the company's global brand strategy team for small-to-medium businesses, leading Google's efforts to activate a market that was growing rapidly on other platforms. Their programs unlocked millions of dollars in video revenue through custom

Carly Potock and Charlene Tassinari.jpg

workshops and industry events, including Google’s annual CMO Academy, hosted in partnership with Columbia Business School.

In 2018, they pivoted the team to solve a challenge facing marketers around the world. To truly unlock the power of video, more brands needed access to nimble, affordable video creative. In partnership with the YouTube Product team, they developed first-of-kind video production solutions for Google’s customers including Video Builder and formed new industry relationships to launch the YouTube Creative Directory.
In 2020, Charlene and Carly founded Canvas+Co to help more brands succeed in a video-first world. They remain trusted partners to some of the world’s top brands.

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