How Brands Succeed in a Video-First World

Why do people pay attention to some ads and not to others?


Our Attention Methodology teaches marketers to thrive at the intersection of brain science, user expectations, and the unique creative constraints of ad formats across today’s top video and social platforms.

Here's What We Talk About

Earning your customer’s attention is everything. Nothing can be achieved without it. Only once you’ve captured it can you ask someone to share, subscribe, or buy. (And winning attention is hard to do when a person is scrolling through 300 feet of mobile content per day).


We'll show your audience how their brains tick - as a human and a consumer. Why did you notice that ad? Why did you scroll right past the next one? The answer lies in the science of human attention and how marketers embrace (or disregard) the constraints of their chosen canvas. Attendees will leave with an understanding of:


  • The role of need, emotion, and novelty in how people pay attention and simple tactics to integrate the science of attention into social and video campaigns.

  • The key differences in user mindset and creative strategy across today's top social and video platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube* in the eyes of a marketer and a user. 

  • The formula for attention-winning ads, leveraging video as the most powerful creative medium to grab attention, build brand love, and drive action. (And how to efficiently flex this formula across platforms).

Canvas+Co keynotes are designed to be interactive and memorable. Concepts are illustrated through best-in-class video examples (you'll laugh, you'll cry) and audience participation.


Duration: 30-60 mins based on number of platforms covered (plus 5-10 min live Q&A if desired)

*Option to stay high-level or go deep on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and/or Pinterest. 

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Why Work with Us?

We've keynoted at numerous industry events, including Google Marketing Live, Innovation Enterprise's Digital Brand Strategy Summit, and Rochester AdWeek. We are a 2X top-rated speaker at Wpromote's Challenger Summit and 3X top-rated speaker at Columbia Business School's CMO Academy, hosted in partnership with Google. 

Our goal is to capture attention and be memorable. Here is what people have said about us:

"I haven't met many public speakers who are on this level...extremely eloquent, witty, and clever!"
Hadas Lipperman
Global Product Curriculum at Google

We've been honored to speak at:

Get to Know Us

Charlene Tassinari + Carly Potock founded YouTube’s first brand strategy team for small-to-medium businesses. Their insights-driven methodology was delivered to 500+ brands globally through client workshops and industry events. They then went on to lead Google's efforts to enable access to nimble, affordable and high-quality video creative for all brands.


In 2020, Charlene and Carly founded Canvas+Co to help more brands succeed in a video-first world. Using their combined 25+ years of advertising experience, they help clients learn to master the art and science of building effective cross-platform video marketing strategies that earn consumer attention, translate seamlessly across formats, and drive performance.

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