How Brands Succeed in a Video-First World

Why do people pay attention to some things and not to others?


Our Attention Methodology teaches marketers to thrive at the intersection of brain science, user expectations, and the unique creative constraints of ad formats across today’s top video and social platforms.

About Our Talk

In today's limited attention economy, brands need to be smarter about when and how they communicate with consumers. Whether scrolling through Instagram, sharing on Snap, or binging on YouTube, people consume content and interact with each other differently across today's major social platforms. Successful brands tell attention-winning stories that embrace this reality without losing their own unique voice.


We'll show your audience how their brains tick - as a human and a consumer. Why did you notice that ad? Why did scroll right past the next one? The answer lies in the science of human attention. Attendees will leave with best practices and a shared language around:

  • The role of need, emotion, and novelty in how and why we pay attention

  • The unique user mindset and expectations on each of today's top video+social platforms

  • The creative constraints of video ads on each platform (and how brands can move efficiently between them)

Canvas+Co sessions are designed to be interactive and memorable. Concepts are illustrated through best-in-class video examples (you'll laugh, you'll cry) and audience participation.


Duration: 30-60 mins (plus 5-10 min live Q&A if desired)

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About Us

Charlene Tassinari + Carly Potock founded Google’s first digital video brand strategy team for small-to-medium businesses. Their insights-driven methodology was delivered to 500+ brands globally through client workshops and industry events. They then went on to lead Google's efforts to enable access to nimble, affordable and high-quality video creative for all brands.


In 2020, Charlene and Carly founded Canvas+Co to help more brands succeed in a video-first world. Using their combined 25+ years of advertising experience, they help clients learn to master the art and science of building effective cross-platform video marketing strategies that earn consumer attention, translate seamlessly across formats, and drive performance.


As the former Head of Creative Solutions at Google/YouTube, Charlene led the creative go-to-market strategy for the Global SMB sales organization. She drove the vision and development of Google’s video creative resources for small-to-medium businesses, enabling access to affordable, high-quality video creative. 


Prior to this, Charlene established the Brand Evangelist & Executive Strategy team to accelerate Agency and C-level client relationships through YouTube Brand Workshops. She was responsible for brand workshop strategy, curriculum and managing operations of the global team based in San Francisco, New York City,  Dublin, Sydney and Tokyo. Charlene spent an additional 8 years at Google managing partnerships with some of the world’s largest technology brands including Intel, Adobe, Lenovo and McAfee. 


Prior to her time at Google, Charlene spent 4 years in print and radio sales in New York City supporting clients like Mars, Kraft, WWE, General Motors and Volvo.


Charlene has keynoted numerous Industry events including BrandIt with Google Dublin, YouTube for Performance Expert Days, and Innovation Enterprise’s Digital Brand Strategy Summit.

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As former Head of Creative Partnerships at Google/YouTube, Carly’s team built Google’s first ecosystem of affordable creative production partners for small-to-medium businesses. Her team oversaw the global go-to-market for Google’s in-house editing service, as well as launched a network of YouTube-trained video production houses called the YouTube Creative Directory, which includes industry innovators like VidMob, Genero, Shuttlerock, and Animoto.

Prior to this, Carly spent 5 years as a trusted strategic partner to Google’s top clients/agencies, owning relationships and facilitating c-level brand building workshops designed to accelerate brand growth during times of change. She’s advised brands on video storytelling across the Food & Beverage, CPG, Retail, and Gaming industries including Purple, Halo Top, White Castle, and Riot Games.

Prior to her time at Google, she worked in international marketing at Major League Baseball building the brand’s presence in Europe, Asia, and South America.


Carly has also keynoted and emceed at numerous industry events including Google Marketing Live, Google Retail Summit, Wpromote Challenger Summit,  and R/ADWEEK.

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