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Creativity Thrives in Constraints. Your Brand Can, Too.

With social distancing measures in place, marketers are seeking new ways to produce or refresh creative assets to ensure helpful and timely campaign messages. This really matters, because over 80% of consumers are expecting brands to offer solutions to pandemic-related life challenges and speak about them in a way that shows empathy.

We've curated a list of our favorite production platforms and partners to help you do just that. Solutions range from DIY templates to expert content creators with in-home studios.

Before you dive in, make sure you've done the work to determine the right strategy for YOUR brand during COVID-19. Then, consider one of our favorite creative partners to help make it happen:

  • Animoto provides large libraries of stock images and video, as well as ready-to-use video templates.

  • Tribe is home to a creator network capable of shooting social-friendly pictures and short video clips from the safety of their home (and even with your own product if they have it handy or you send it to them!)

  • VidMob’s curated pool of creators can adapt all forms of existing assets into platform-specific content (Also check out their Creative Intelligence tool!)

  • Genero has an extensive global network of creatives who can create brand new assets using animation or even shoot individual live action content while in isolation.

  • Ready Set helps with creative ideation then develop assets using animation, user generated content or net-new footage from their network of in-home studios.


We expect to see more innovation and challenges as brands embrace this time of change. Follow us on LinkedIn where we’ll continue to monitor this fast-changing space and highlight evolving brand strategies.

Feeling stuck? We're offering Creative Audits at a discounted rate to help brands kick-start their digital strategy during COVID-19. Contact us at for details.



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